Expressions Fitness offers 16 different classes.  There are 11 weekly classes and 5 monthly, specialty Classes

Class Size is limited to 4 participants per class for all pole dance/sport classes so that each student may have access to a pole, safety, and quality instruction.  The drop in price is $20 for 1 class.  You can also purchase a 6 class pass for $100.  For those of you who Love Pole and know you'll be at the studio for the most fun, uplifting work out around, you can purchase a Love Pole 20 Class Pass for $300.  It's a great value!  Love yourself; Love pole!    

Introduction to Pole Fitness       Required first class/workshop
Expressions Fitness Inc. Pole Sport Fitness and Pole Dance Studio is very unique.   The studio is run in a manor that caters to the athlete and her desires, safety permitting.  Safety is the priority.   It is important to take this introductory class in order to understand how to utilize all that Expressions Fitness has to offer.  You'll get to experience a brief sample of some of the different classes at Expressions Fitness.  You'll be better prepared to choose what class style is right for you.  All new students must take just one introductory class.  

There are a few exceptions to this rule.  You do not have to take the introductory class if you meet the following criteria: 1) You are a pole dance/sport athlete visiting from out of town 2) You have taken a pole class at Expressions Fitness in the last 6 months 3) You have been actively practicing pole fitness for a year or longer.

This workshop is offered:  
Monday at 6:45pm and Thursday at 10:30pm. 

Pole Expression

Pole expression is a pole dance focused class.  In each class you will learn a mini routine.  Each routine consists of a move on the pole, around the pole, and on the floor to address the 3 levels of pole dancing.  We call the on-the-pole movement, aerial dance.  We refer to the floor dance as floor work.   Each class will present classic movement in new ways.   At the end of class, each participant dances however she wants to dance to the song of her choice under the lights.  It becomes refreshing and revitalizing to express your self through dance.  This class is open to anyone who wants to dance; no dance experience is required. 

This class is offered: Thursday at 5:30pm

Pole Tricks

Pole tricks class is a full hour of detailed tricks instruction.   This class moves very slowly due to safety.  Athletes must be focused and know the details of how to execute difficult tricks properly.  Athletes who take this class still get a great workout even though the class moves slowly. It's challenging mentally and physically to move your body into difficult positions.  The tricks that athletes are permitted to try are based on safe execution of requirements.  Although safety is our focus, athletes surprise themselves with the wonderful ways in which they can move their bodies.  This class is for the athlete that enjoys neat tricks.

This Class is offered: Wednesday at 9:15pm, Thursday at 6:45pm, and Friday at 1:45pm

Advanced Pole Tricks

Advanced Pole Tricks is a slow moving class for advanced students.  You want to be sure to have taken at least 6 regular tricks classes before signing up for this class.   This class focuses on proper alignment, technique, and safety.   Combinations of moves on the pole is the mark of advanced tricks.  Be ready to be surprisingly sore and tired after this class.  Slow moving means athletes take the time to assure safety and focus. Athletes need to understand the important aspects of the tricks on the pole and try them with a focused mind.  Tricks are very safe when performed properly.

This class is offered: Tuesday 9:15pm
Pole Fit

Pole Fit class is a class designed to deliver a fast strength building pole style work out with a strong core focus.   The work out is similar to either weightlifting, cross fit, or boot camp; however, it is also different in that it will work your body in a way that will increase your ability to move into and out of pole sport fitness tricks.  You develop muscle memory for pole tricks while working out.  It is also a great way to build strength, endurance, and stamina.  This class is all pole sport (No Dancing).  At the end of class, you'll get to try 1 trick of your choice.  This class is always modified to increase or decrease difficulty for participants.  The exercises are chosen based on what would benefit the individual athlete the most.  Athletes new to pole fitness are welcome.  In fact, this class will excel your pole sport ability as fast as possible. 

This class is offered: Tuesday 5:30pm

Fit Expressions

This class is a combination of Pole Fit and Pole Expression.  Athletes will gain strength quickly with exercises in the beginning of class.  The fit class exercises are always chosen based on which movement will benefit the individual athlete the most.   The second half of class, athletes get into pole dance mode learning dance moves to transform into artists. The end of class is reserved for dancing time.  Each individual will pick a song and dance under the lights.  It's both pole sport and pole dance in one class.

This class is offered: Monday at 6:45pm & Tuesday 8pm

Fit Tricks

Pole Fit Tricks is a combination of Pole Fit class and Pole Tricks class.  This is a pole sport style class. It's for those who want to exercise and gain strength as well as learn tricks techniques in the same class. The first half of class consists of working out pole fit style moving fast and working hard.  The second half of class slows down for the detailed tricks instruction and execution. Athletes need to be focused and try to gain a clear understanding of the tricks and how to execute them properly.

This Class is offered: Tuesday 10:30pm,  Wednesday at 6:45pm, Wednesday at 10:30pm, and Friday at 6:45pm

Advanced Fit Tricks

Advanced fit tricks is the same as regular fit tricks except the fit and tricks are much more difficult.  You should be able to invert on your own and be able to climb the pole before signing up for this class. 

This Class is offered:  Friday at 5:30pm

Expressions Tricks

This class is very similar to an Expressions class; however, there's specifically at least a full 20 minutes spent on tricks.  The dance class time is shortened.  There will always be a dance time at the end of class.  Be ready to dance when you sign up for this one.  The first half of class will be warm up and Expressions and the second half of class will be tricks and dance time.   Keep in mind the Expressions moves faster then the slow tricks class.  Tricks can be dangerous if not performed properly and safely. 

This class is offered: Monday at 5:30pm and Tuesday at 6:45pm

Co-ed Pole Tricks

Co-ed Pole Tricks is a class in which both men and women can participate in fun pole sport fitness.  This class focuses on learning tricks.  It will help you to develop pole sport/fitness skills.  This class will also help to develop full body strength with a focus on the core.  You'll learn proper form and approach to the pole in a comfortable environment.  We have a ton of fun while getting exercise and learning neat tricks.  This is a pole sport class where pole is, truly, a sport.  

This class is not currently being offered.

Advanced Co-ed Pole Tricks

This class is an advanced version of Co-ed Pole Tricks. The Athletes in this class are working on extreme pole sport tricks. It is very challenging. Expressions Fitness recommends not taking this class until you're ready to approach extreme pole sport tricks safely and with a focused mind.
This class is offered: Wednesday at 8pm
Specialty Classes are on Thursday Evenings at 9:15pm.  Each Class is repeated on the same Thursdays every month. 
Chair Dance
Chair dancing is exactly that.  It's dancing with a chair instead of a pole.   Come explore the world of chair dance.  It is a dance class for all abilities.  There's more cardio and movement flow and less need for modifications.  However, modifications can be made to add style.  Classic pole dance movement is incorporated into the chair dance.    This class is set up as a regular class.  We'll be learning different chair dance moves throughout the year.   This Class is offered: 3rd Thursday of every month

Flow & Floor Work
This class is about dancing fluidly focusing on pole floor dancing.  You'll be able to teach the body how to move in ways that flow from position to position easily.  The class content will help your pole performance by helping the body develop the ability to transition with beauty and grace making very difficult movement look easy.  You'll explore new ways to move through classic floor dancing.    Take this class and learn to flow through floor with with grace and beauty.  
This class is offered: every other 2nd Thursday of the month at 9:15pm.  March 13th, May 8th, July 10th, Sept. 11th, and Nov. 13th.

Heels Class

Heels class is a class that addresses moving, walking, and pole dancing in heels.  It feels good to be in heels and try the moves we've already learned on the pole.  It is a good idea to take this class before trying to dance in heels.  One very important piece of equipment you need to bring to class is a pair of heels.  Pole fitness is a new experience in a pair of heels.   Things like climbing, walking, and floor dance feel different and very feminine.   This class is offered: Every other 2nd Thursday of the month to include April 10th, June 12th, August 14th, Oct. 9th, and Dec. 12th.

Spin Pole
Spin pole is a full hour of class time dedicated to the spinning pole.   Spinning pole is much harder than a static pole and requires much more strength.  However, this new challenge for the muscles looks beautiful.  It's also fun for those who enjoy spinning on spin pole.  Please wait until you've developed some pole strength before trying spin pole class.  This class is offered: 4th Thursday of every month

Spins on Static
This class is open to anyone.  It's a full hour of spinning on a static pole.  You'll learn a wide variety of ways to spin around the pole.  You might even come up with your own spin variation.  Spinning on a static pole is fun and enjoyable.   It's a great way to work out. This class is offered the 1st Thursday of every month.
Performance class

Showcase class is a class designed specifically to put together showcase and performance pieces.  Athletes must bring the song they want to dance to for performance class.  It is recommended that athletes also bring a pair of headphones in order to repeat the song during class for personal listening.   The purpose of this class is to put showcase pieces together and run through them as practice for the showcase/performace. 

This class is offered: Monday at 8pm

Reviews and Recomendations
   "I have never been the most confident person, finding it utterly impossible to see myself how others seem to see me.  When a very good friend suggested pole dancing, I was skeptical at first.  I figured I could try it…no harm in that right?  I almost didn’t stick with it, as the first few classes were rough and borderline impossibly frustrating.  But I did.  And I am so glad and so grateful for that decision, and that friend.  Through these classes, I have gained so much more strength, both mental and physical, than I thought I could have.  I have done things I never thought I could do.  I am adoring every moment of this journey....."

"We (Nikki, Kim, and I) had agreed to all do the next showcase together whenever it was...  Mind boggled with how I was going to pull this all together with no prior dance experience and the crazy want of perfection….  This is more than a dance routine.  This is me proving to myself I am worthy of believing in myself. Proving I can finish what I start.  Proving I have confidence in myself......"